About us

Pete Smith, owner of 3D Guitars and Music was inspired to play music by his Uncle Roger and late grandfather. "My uncle and grandfather would come over to my parents house sing and play music. It wasn't long before I wanted to be like them, I was only 8 years old at the time and I was hooked".

"I've been teaching for about 23 years now and I can't think of a better career than to share my musical knowledge with others and help pass the same torch that inspired me to play over 33 years ago."

Our name 3D Guitars was created by virtue of helping a custom guitar company called Giles Guitar. The Giles company created a concept guitar that was extremely lightweight, semi-acoustic/electric solid body guitar.

Pete was involved with helping formulate and prototype the solid lightweight Polymer composite material. The Giles Guitar company stopped producing guitars in 1998. Through the exposure to the Giles guitar 3D-Guitars had thoughts to better produce a unique custom guitar. The idea was to change the composition and formulation of the guitar to push the process capabilities to their maximum.

This idea was a 3-Dimensional guitar and was the birth of 3D Guitars and its first creation "The Skullblaster". The Skullblaster was the industries first look at a 3-Dimensional projection in a solid body guitar. Up until that time, the emphasis was put on mass producing standard body designs. This was a fresh approach to a building a 3-Dimensional custom guitar.

3D Guitars & Music

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